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10+years Of Experience

Vilma Adsul

  • B.COM
  • Diploma in Counseling
  • Certificate Course In Relationship Counselling
  • Pursuing PG Diploma In Counseling Psychology
  • Global Career Counsellor from Univariety and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA Extension)

My experience with Teach India, an initiative by Times of India aimed at teaching English to underprivileged children, has provided me with a valuable foundation in the field of education and community engagement. However, I am now drawn to the counseling profession for several reasons.

Need for Counselling

Need For Career Counselling

Students should consider seeking Counselling advice for several important reasons:

  • Well-being: Career Counselling contributes to students' overall well-being by addressing emotional and mental health concerns.
  • Stress Management: It equips students with effective stress management techniques, helping them cope with academic pressures.
  • Academic Performance: Counselling addresses underlying issues that may hinder academic progress, unlocking students' full potential.
  • Emotional Support: Students receive support in navigating difficult life events and personal challenges in a non-judgmental environment.

About Vilma - The Counsellor

Our strategic vision centers around three core elements: ensuring sustainable growth, fostering innovation to meet evolving demands, and delivering exceptional value to our clients. In the coming years, we envision expanding our presence and influence within our industry or market, cultivating strong relationships with stakeholders, and making a positive contribution to the community we serve.
Need for Counselling